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Player Information
Player name: Maya
Contact: [ profile] Mayalex
Are you over 18: Yep!
Characters in The Box Already: Cyclonus, Jazz

Character Information
Character Name: (Urdnot) Grunt
Canon: Mass Effect
Canon Point: Post Mass Effect 3; Destroy ending
Is your character Dead, Undead or Alive: Alive
History: A wiki link. However, since Mass Effect is a game that focuses on choices to shape the storyline, there are some specific events to be noted:
- Commander Shepard was female, and a total Paragon; Wrex lived and became the leader of Clan Urdnot.
- Shepard had a choice to release Grunt from the tank, or keep him in there. She let him out.
- Grunt's loyalty was gained when he went through the Rite of Passage on Tuchanka and he was accepted into Clan Urdnot. He and Shepard not only survived the Thresher Maw attack, but killed it.
- The Aralahk Company that Grunt led in Mass Effect 3 was sacrificed in order to save the Rachni Queen. However, Grunt survived.

Personality: Although he has the body of an adult, Grunt is very young, inexperienced, and somewhat naive. This shows in the way he tends to constantly look to Shepard for guidance, and eventually grows to respect them beyond anyone else. If anyone messes with Shepard, Grunt will be there to charge the offenders and trample them into the ground. However, Grunt also harbors some insecurity and doubt over his abilities and origins, since he believes that coming from a tank and having everything he knows imprinted into him gives him a disadvantage over an ordinary krogan, who have grown up to become strong rather than having strength given to them. But as time has gone on, Grunt has gained enough experience to not let bother him as much; since most of his knowledge coming out of the tank was vague imprints that he couldn't completely understand, he only really uses them as foundations for everything else he's learned.

Grunt shifts into someone rather confident in their abilities when it comes to battle, though. He craves a good fight and charges into battle wherever he can, quite literally. Unfortunately, this boils over when out of combat, as well. Grunt is very quick to anger, and very easy to irritate, and pushing his buttons enough will end in him threatening to fight every time. As time goes on, he gains much respect from other krogan who come to fight under him due to his ferocity and prowess in combat. And under Urdnot Wrex's leadership, he grows much more optimistic and actually cares for the well-being of his team, to an extent; he still bears the stigma of being tank-born, but it's outweighed by his leadership and strength.

Now that he's gotten a better taste of what a true krogan should be, Grunt is a little more laid back outside of combat, but not by much. He has a strange sense of humor based on violence, and is known to make an inappropriate "Is anyone else hungry?" joke when faced with gory scenes that gross out anyone else around him. However, he is also very blunt, unafraid to call people weak or insult their culture for being too "soft".

Despite his youth and inexperience, Grunt also has a curiosity for other cultures, especially humanity (probably due to Shepard); his dossier from the Shadow Broker's ship notes that he's read many different Ernest Hemingway books, and and taken a liking to dinosaurs and sharks in particular -- probably because they're similar to the wildlife on Tuchanka or even the krogan themselves.

Items on your character at canon point: 1x M-300 Claymore shotgun and 1x M-15 Vindicator assault rifle. He is also completely clad in white armor with blue lighting; he has no other clothing on him.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses: As a krogan, Grunt has the benefits of having multiple major organs; krogan are stated to have two hearts, four lungs, possibly two livers, and two nervous systems. This, along with a relatively tough hide (much like a turtle's) makes him very difficult to kill. Krogan also have the ability to go into a blood rage, where they become completely unresponsive to pain and will fight to the death, with the downside of reduced logical capacities. Grunt's physical strength is unmatched -- unless he's fighting another krogan, of course.

However, Grunt is still rather inexperienced and immature; he has a lot more leadership skills than when he first came out of the tank, but he both craves and is entertained by any form of violence. Due to all of his knowledge being given from imprinting while still in the tank, his intelligence isn't very impressive, either, although this mostly shows when he has to spell things. Basically, all problems can be solved with explosions and shotguns to Grunt.


Network/Action Spam Sample:

[The audio comes first, loud clunking sounds and swiping and a very deep voice grumbling derisively. Finally, the video pops on to a very, very intimate close-up of a leathery hide and a bright blue eye.

The video adjusts, and the sight of a whole face finally graces the network -- well, sort of. Whatever this thing is, it is either massive or not technologically savvy, since his face can be seen, but not much else. Finally, he speaks, peering into the feed with a frown.]

So what is this, some kinda... clunkier omnitool? Nngh, it's too small. Easy to crush.

Anyway. If anyone's alive out there, name's Grunt. I'm looking for Shepard. Anyone else that fights with her's okay, too. And make it snappy, something about this place smells wrong.

Which reminds me, if anyone knows who decided it was a good idea to knock me out and bring me here has a quad. Show your face, and you'll get the honor of feeling what it's like to get charged by a ton of pure krogan. Assuming you survive a shotgun right on your ass.

Prose Log Sample: Grunt's entry on the Test Drive.


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